By choosing the right protection device, users can ensure longer life from motors and avoid untimely failures resulting in loss of manpower, materials and natural resources like copper for rewinding procedures.

Despite having conventional electro mechanical products for motor protection, it is a known fact that motor failures are quite common and lead to excessive costs, downtime and loss of materials in process. which are far greater than the cost of the motor and allied protection equipment.

Compact Design Compact Design
Multiple Protection Function MCU Based
Wide Current Adjustment Range (10:1 ) Multiple Protection Function
Ammeter Function Wide Current Adjustment Range (10:1 )
Trip Indication LED Ammeter Function & Trip Indication
High Accuracy Easy Troubleshooting & Run Monitor
Manual/Instantaneous Reset Manual/Instantaneous, Electrical Remote Reset
Electrical Remote Reset Test Function
Test Function Ambient Insensitive
Ambient Insensitive Fail-safe Operation
Low Energy Consumption
Fail-safe Operation (No Volt Release)

The high versatility and unique design features of the EOCR make possible the use of EOCR over a wide spectrum of applications for protection of all types of LT motors. Listed below are only few of the examples :

Fractional Horse Power Motors
Pumps (Submersibles and others)
I.D. Fans
Single Phase Motors
Induction Motors
Squirrel Cage Motors
Slip Ring Motors

Operating Principle Bimetal Curve by heat Electronic Circuit and MCU
Intelligent Control No Yes
Phase Loss Protection Yes (inaccurate) Yes (Accurate)
Phase Unbalance Protection No Yes
Phase Reversal Protection No
Locked Rotor Protection No
Ground Fault Protection No
Undercurrent Protection No
Role of Ammeter Required for setting
No Volt Relay Required
Current Adjustment Range Very small range
Inventory Large
Protection during frequent Starting and stopping Nuisance tripping
Trip Cause Indication Not Possible
Load Alert function Not Possible
Sensitivity to ambient Yes
Remote/Electrical Reset Not Possible
Test Function No
Power Consumption 6-7 watt
Time-Current Characteristic Curve

Current VS Time Graph for EOCR - 3DE/3EZ